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MQL5: Get P&L of last closed trade

A quick script illustrating how to get the P&L of the last closed trade with MQL5.

void OnStart(){

   //time interval of the trade history needed
   datetime timeEnd = TimeTradeServer(); //calculated server time (TimeCurrent() may not suffice for multi-currency logic)
   datetime timeStart = timeEnd - PeriodSeconds(PERIOD_D1); //use smaller period if logic does not need to look back so far as 1 day

   //cache trade history for the selected time interval
   HistorySelect(timeStart, timeEnd);

   //get number of deals between time_start and time_end
   int numberOfDeals = HistoryDealsTotal();

   //get ticket of last deal in the cached trade history
   ulong dealTicket = HistoryDealGetTicket(numberOfDeals - 1); //index starts from 0 so we need to minus 1 to get the last deal

   //print information
   if(dealTicket > 0){ //if a history deal has been successfully selected
      Print("P&L of last deal: ", HistoryDealGetDouble(dealTicket, DEAL_PROFIT));
   else Print("Error obtaining last deal, error #", GetLastError());




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