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Joys of coding and life //mutually exclusive

Yesterday night at 11:45pm I was coding for the past hour-plus and my wife was chasing me to shower and sleep, telling me I would have 20 mins to finish up.

10 minutes in and 2 decision trees in my neural RAM, she comes and tells me the spare toilet’s cistern is dripping water. I tell her to close the valve supplying it and leave it for tomorrow to be settled. She pleads for me to take a look at it. I take a look at it and come to the same conclusion. She flaps about on what to do and I explain how a cistern works, having experience of replacing the mechanisms within and even taking entire cisterns off walls.

At this point, my brain has dumped my decision trees and multiple variables (some of them global, sorry) as I coax her not to partake in the unholy activity of stealthy nocturnal plumbing, what with us not wanting to wake up my poor old mother and the dog, who is 14-years-old and has bloat from diet, stress or old age.

I return to my terminal, trying to quickly recap what I was doing, she comes in minutes later to express her dismay about the drip and the calamity of the domestic helper trying to use the toilet in the morning and it not flushing properly were we to shut off the valve.

I die a little and proceed to shower. Amusingly, but somewhat common, I figure what I need to write while soaping myself. We finally hit the bed at 2:30am. I lay in bed until 3:00am and sneak out to finish the code in the blessed deathly silence.

In the morning, I clean the internals of the cistern with soap and it completely stops the drip.

Moral of the story: Clean your cisterns periodically.


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