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Joys of coding and life //mutually exclusive

Yesterday night at 11:45pm I was coding for the past hour-plus and my wife was chasing me to shower and sleep, telling me I would have 20 mins to finish up. 10 minutes in and 2 decision trees in my neural RAM, she comes and tells me the spare toilet’s cistern is dripping water. I … Continue reading

Swiss National Bank introduces negative interest rates

Taking a leaf out of Mario Draghi’s book when the ECB reduced their Deposit Facility Rate to negative 0.10% on 5th June 2014, the Swiss National Bank has just done the same on sight deposit account balances, with a rather aggressive negative 0.25%. ” Negative interest is charged on sight deposit account balances (cf. art. 2.1.1, Terms of Business) … Continue reading

If you don’t agree with the Fed’s economic policies, Obama will Yellen ’til you do.

I don’t get out much.

Failure is as important as success (and possibly more so)

Keeping things trading related, many a times you will come across in a forum, or a publication, or been advocated to by another person, a technical system where a whole bunch of charts are shown how a setup is ideal for predicting the following profitable price movement. A highly compelling story of its success is painted by … Continue reading

Caveat Labōrāre

Don’t confuse effort with results; or earnestness with competence.



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