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MetaEditor ‘corrupt’ compile

I spent the better part of yesterday figuring out where I might have accidentally written an infinite loop. Reason being that the moment I started my backtest, MT4 would crash upon accessing the EA. It seemed the most plausible explanation and I went about combing through every new line. What I couldn’t rationalise was that the prior night I had run the exact same thing without any problems.

After phaffing about for hours debugging the code, redownloading MT4, and even running a virus scan, I still couldn’t figure out what was causing the crash. The code was compiling with no problems. I observed that old .ex4’s of the exact same code worked but the newer ones didn’t.

Clarity broke with the morning and it literally dawned on me that it must be a compiling issue. I had used a MetaEditor from MT4 build 419 to compile, while my backtesting MT4’s were build 409. Lo and behold, compiling with MetaEditor 409 got everything up and running again.

What a colossal time sink, but there you go. Hit me up if you want older builds of MetaEditor. I’ve got 218, 225, 226, 227, 392, 399, 402, 409, 419, 432.


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