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MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 646

MetaTrader 4 updated to Build 646 (30 Apr 2014), and MetaEditor to Build 934 (30 Apr 2014):

The interesting updates I found are:

3. Terminal: Increased the number of supported email service protocols. Now, alerts and emails from MQL4 applications can be sent to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and other mailboxes. Set the target mailbox in Email tab of the terminal settings.

Goes without saying how useful this is.


4. Terminal: Added ability to scale dialog windows of MQL4 programs:

Subwindow resize

Which is great as you can expand the EA extern parameters subwindow instead of scrolling through the tiny crack that it was.

Subwindow EA extern parameters

It’s a nice, long awaited feature that ideally should have been default, where prior to this update, the primary way to achieve was via MaryJane’s indicator/EA.
(first written in 2011.06.25, and interestingly updated very recently as of 2014.02.08)

I note that EA’s which were compiled with older MetaEditor builds, MetaEditor 4.00 Build 509 (24 Jun 2013) and below,¬†do not support this new subwindow resizing feature. MetaEditor 5.00 Build 883 (24 Jan 2014) and above do. Strangely, appears only EA’s, and not indicators or scripts, are affected.
Since this is a legacy issue, we naturally don’t expect any support on this hence your older stuff would need to be either compiled with a newer compiler or use MaryJane’s solution.


24. Tester: Fixed the value returned by TimeCurrent() function in the custom indicators involved in visual testing. Previously, 0 was always returned instead of the test time.

Which WHRoeder illustrated in 2012.07.20.

Better late than never.

That said, I suspect these broke something of mine:

14. MQL4: Fixed the two-times call of OnInit entry point after changing MQL4 application parameters. Now, OnInit is called only once in the mentioned case.

15. MQL4: Fixed behavior of OBJPROP_XSIZE and OBJPROP_YSIZE properties for Label and Text graphical objects. Previously, 0 was always returned instead of the appropriate values.

Appears objects that have OBJPROP_CORNER = 1 (upper right corner) align left on init(). Running through init() again resolves the issue. Haven’t had time to debug as non-critical. Probably edit this post later with the isolated issue.


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