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MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 500

Quick post, Metaquotes has rolled out their latest MT4 build 500.

Significant thing to note is that it appears to be a mandatory update the moment your selected broker decides to roll it out to clients, i.e. completely bypassing the liveupdate.exe in the root folder.

The most glaring intro to this is a pop-up window you’ll see before this build launches for the first time. This is completely missing from their literature on

Run as Current user or Administrator

Regarding this, I tried the “Run this program with restricted access” and it would not launch. Appears the only way is to run it with Administrator access.

That’s just great.

To be fair, there’s lots of ‘cool’ features for the manual trader.

What would be good, by my selfish needs, would be a separate ‘lite’ version purely dedicated for automated trading, with no added frills.


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